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Since 1977, Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment has been one of the leading crane manufacturers helping businesses in Victoria and across Australia with the design, engineering, production, supply, installation and servicing of gantry cranes, overhead cranes, electric chain hoists, air and wire rope hoists, materials handling equipment, and jacking systems for trams, trains and buses.

From our humble beginnings in Melbourne, Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment has expanded over the last 5 years and now has offices in Sydney and Newcastle.

We provide complete end-to-end materials handling solutions for the manufacturing, construction, transport, entertainment and utilities sectors. In addition to providing the best materials handling equipment for sale, we also offer 24 hour, 365 day preventative crane maintenance, regular servicing, breakdown support, Design Work Period (DWP) assessments, major and third party inspections, and emergency repairs in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle.

Choose from an Extensive Range of Quality Lifting Equipment

As trusted crane manufacturers, we’re capable of designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing large bridge and overhead cranes, lifting attachments, jib and workstation cranes, and Feltes Portable Gantry Cranes.

Using our network of suppliers, Redfern Flinn offers high-quality, cost-effective material handling solutions for a range of industrial cranes, lifting and moving equipment, including:

  • Electric chain hoists – As leading chain hoist manufacturers, our GIS electric chain hoists offer a wealth of features including capacities up to five tonnes, a wide range of speeds, and lifting up to 120 metres.
  • Vacuum lifting solutions – We offer a range of Palamatic vacuum lifters with capacities up to two tonnes.
  • Wire rope hoists – For loads over five tonnes, we supply GH standard wire rope hoists and trolleys, as well as low head room versions.
  • Chain blocks and lever blocks – Manual lifting solutions.
  • Spring balancers – Capacities up to 200kg with a range of strokes.
  • Slings – Chain and webbing slings.
  • Trolleys – Electric, pneumatic and manual, girder and pipe trolleys.
  • Chain hoists and fittings – Dragging, mooring, tank, tie down and stainless steel.
  • Lift tables – Hydraulic, air, manual, powered, mobile and fixed.
  • Drum handling equipment – Ceiling, floor and forklift mounted, tipping.
  • Specialised lifting beams – Bulker bag, vacuum made to order.
  • Winches – Manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic.

We also provide a comprehensive selection of crane services in addition to our role as crane manufacturers, including routine and ad hoc maintenance, third party inspections, emergency repairs, and much more.

Specialist Suppliers of Overhead Cranes, As Well As Parts & Accessories

Whether you’re looking for an overhead crane or portable gantry crane, or require spare parts and accessories, you can trust Redfern Flinn to have what you need. We are the authorised agents for many quality lifting and materials handling equipment manufacturers, including:

  • GIS electric chain hoists, system cranes and vacuum lifters. Manufactured in Switzerland, the GIS range provides quality, robust and economical materials handling solutions.
  • GH wire rope hoists and crane kits. Designed and manufactured in Spain for lifting loads from five to 300 tonnes.
  • Feltes portable gantry and workstation cranes. Manufactured in Germany, Feltes portable gantry cranes provide a flexible solution for lifting materials in all terrains.
  • Palamatic vacuum tube lifters. The UK manufactured Palamatic range of vacuum tube lifters provides cost-effective lifting of sacks, bags, boxes, glass, MDF, steel and more.
  • Hasemer spring balancers. This range of spring balancers provides a cost-effective solution for safely supporting tools and loads in all material handling situations.
  • Track-O. These safe and ergonomically designed and manufactured Canadian motorised trolleys and stair climbers are designed for lifting and moving loads inside, outside, as well as in confined spaces.

We also resell a wide range of materials handling equipment products for the industrial sector, including:

  • Atlas Copco air hoists – An alternative solution for lifting in explosion proof zones.
  • Ezy-Lift Goods Lifts – Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Ezy-Lift lifting hoist is ideal for transporting materials between floors.

For more information on any of our lifting equipment, call our crane manufacturers in Sydney on 02 9756 6660, Newcastle on 02 4964 4566, Melbourne on 03 9465 4441, or contact us online.

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