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GIS Crane Systems

There are number of key advantages of using the GIS KB Crane Systems as a light workstation crane. It’s:

  • cost effective,
  • modular;
  • flexible.
  • lifts and moves up to 1,500kg, quickly and quietly with minimal effort;
  • easy to install, with all components being fixed with fasteners and clamps;
  • perfectly complements the GIS electric chain hoist.

As the GIS KB crane system is modular, it can easily be extended or relocated as your business grows, providing a flexible solution to your changing lifting and moving requirements.

The GIS KB crane system can be designed in the following ways:

  • as a monorail with bends, switches and turntables enabling you to link workstations, and easily lift and move your load throughout your production area;
  • as a single bridge crane for transporting your loads over wide areas where headroom is not a problem;
  • and as a double bridge crane, which is used for longer spans and heavier loads, but also where headroom is a problem.

To discuss the options Redfern Flinn has for assisting with your lifting requirements, use the contact form or call Sydney (02) 9756-6660, Melbourne (03) 9465-4441, Perth (08) 9472-0544, Brisbane (07) 3820-8631 or Newcastle (02) 4964-4566.