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About Us

Redfern Flinn– keeping your operators safe, as well as helping your business grow, by making your operations more efficient.

Since 1977, Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment has been helping businesses of all sizes and across all industries in providing lifting and moving solutions. Redfern Flinn commenced operations in Victoria and due to expansion, established new branches of Redfern Flinn in Sydney and Newcastle in 2010.

Redfern Flinn is able to provide your business with a complete end-to-end materials handling solution for all your lifting and moving needs; by designing, manufacturing, and supplying and servicing industrial cranes and hoists, making your operations more efficient and effective.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide in-house design and engineering, so if you have a specific or difficult lifting requirement, we can design a solution that meets your scope, budget and timeframe.

  • We know and understand the relevant Australian Standards - AS 1418, AS 25501 and AS 2550.3.
  • We provide in-house design and specialist engineering support and advice.
  • We manufacture our jib cranes, monorails and lifting attachments in Australia.
  • We are committed to improving the safety of your operators.
  • All our service centres offer 24 hour, 365 day mobile breakdown & repair service support.
  • We tailor a preventative maintenance programme for your lifting equipment based on the type of lifting equipment and operating hours per day.


Upon receiving your enquiry, we come to site to understand your lifting requirements and ascertain what (if any restrictions) you may have with respect to your building structure and footings, existing production and lifting equipment in place, any headroom issues and your desired structure; along with your budget and timeframe.

We provide a quote, along with a concept design so you know what we’re proposing, along with the timeframe to deliver your proposed solution. We also will indicate if you need sign-off from a structural engineer if there is any doubt about your building’s structure or footings.


Upon acceptance of your Purchase Order, we come to site to confirm measurements and our in-house qualified mechanical engineer designs your solution according to Australian Standards AS 1418 and AS 2550.1; and a deposit invoice is issued.

A General Arrangement (GA) drawing is issued for your approval, before work commences. We either receive your signed approval for the GA or your amendments, so then the GA can be updated and re-issued for your approval.

Our experienced installers are booked, inductions are confirmed; any access equipment is arranged, and transport is booked to take your lifting equipment to site to install.


Once your progress invoice is paid, we will schedule a convenient time to install your new lifting equipment. SWMS and Take 5’s are undertaken by our installers prior to the installation commencing.

Your lifting equipment is installed, load tested and commissioned to Australian Standards AS 1418 and AS 2550.1; and any final invoice is issued.

Full operational and warranty documentation is provided, along with a load test certificate.


Your lifting equipment is designed in accordance with Australian Standards and is designed to last 25+ years, so make sure you choose a lifting equipment partner who has the experience and capability to deliver, as well as the Service Team with access to OEM spare parts to support you and your crane for its entire life cycle. Redfern Flinn has a proven track record over more than 40 years of designing, manufacturing and installing quality lifting equipment to specification, and on-time.

We conduct routine regular servicing as per AS 2550 – every 3 months & 12 months.


By conducting annual inspections and major inspections, Redfern Flinn can assess the suitability of continued safe operation of your equipment. Having specialised testing and controlled documentation methods, we can provide a complete asset register of all lifting equipment tested to support your maintenance programmes.