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Pneumatic Air Hoist by Atlas Copco

In addition to electric chain hoists, one of the most common alternatives is the pneumatic hoist, or air hoist. They use compressed air to enable the lifting and lowering of heavy and oversized items, and can be used frequently at maximum load without being affected by constant starts and stops. An air powered chain hoist has the benefit of being able to self regulate its temperature as the air constantly passes through the unit, exhausting heat into the atmosphere and cooling the hoist while doing so. Atlas Copco air hoists are among the most reputable on the market, and you’ll find them available in Australia from Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment.

Features of Atlas Copco Air Hoists

Choosing the right pneumatic chain hoist from the Atlas Copco range comes down to the capacity of the load you wish to lift and haul. The load capacity of Atlas Copco air hoists varies from 250kg to 5000kg according to the specific model. All are ATEX tested and certified so you can be confident in their safety and quality. For industries that require a completely clean environment, such as pharmaceutical, chemical and food packaging / preparation, Atlas Copco air hoists also come in a lubrication free version which allows the air hoist to run completely dry, reducing the potential of contaminants of spoiling the product.

Get in Touch with Our Pneumatic Hoist Specialists

With superior lifting ability and the load hook, suspension hook and control chain handle included as standard, the Atlas Copco air hoist is one of the most in-demand on the market. Redfern Flinn has points of contact in most major Australian cities, so if you’re looking for a quality pneumatic hoist for your business, contact us online or call the phone number of the city nearest to you below.