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Crane Inspections

For any major or third party inspections, speak with the team at Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment. We have in-house engineering; along with the knowledge and experience to provide the capability to assist you maintain your lifting equipment to the highest standard, thus maximising productivity, employee safety and reducing expensive breakdowns and repairs.

Our comprehensive crane inspections identify any safety and compliance issues that need addressing, so that your employees can enjoy a safe workplace and you enjoy maximum productivity levels.

We also provide independent third party inspections that analyse and report on the condition, maintenance adequacy and utilisation levels of your lifting equipment in accordance with Australian Standards.

Why Choose Us?

At Redfern Flinn, we offer maintenance as well as crane and hoist inspections, for all makes and models of lifting equipment, including overhead cranes. We have more than 35 years of experience and a team of fully qualified Service Technicians who possess strong technical skills, as well as extensive knowledge of Australian Standards AS 2550 and AS 1418.

Our objective is to help maximise the lifecycle of your lifting equipment, whilst ensuring your employees’ safety and your lifting equipment’s performance is compliant with Australian Standards.

Organise for Redfern Flinn to visit for regular servicing, preventative maintenance, a major or third party inspection to give you the peace of mind in knowing your lifting equipment is working as it was designed. Contact us today for more information.