jib crane

Crane Repairs

Maintaining the efficiency and safety of your lifting equipment is of vital importance. Not doing so can inevitably result in reduced productivity as well as increased safety risks for your employees, potentially causing irrevocable harm to your business. If routine servicing and inspections of your lifting equipment reveal serious issues that need addressing, Redfern Flinn provides excellent crane repair services.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive crane servicing and repairs in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and Australian Standards. Our goal is to ensure your employees are safe and the costly production downtime you experience is minimised.

Our team of Service Technicians can be called on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to quickly and efficiently repair all types of lifting equipment. This includes:

  • Cranes – Overhead, Jib, Monorail, Workstations, Gantry, Aluminium
  • Hoists – Wire Rope/Electric Chain/Pneumatic/Hydraulic
  • Winches – Hand/Electric
  • Vacuum lifers
  • Lifting slings
  • Vehicle Hoists

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