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Nothing can escape the degenerative effects of time, and that includes the lifting equipment you use for your production and manufacturing operations. As cranes inevitably age and become outdated, it becomes necessary to refurbish and modernise them for continued safe use. Crane refurbishment also allows your equipment to keep pace with more modern solutions, saving you money through increased efficiency. A further benefit of crane refurbishments is the ability to extend the lifecycle of your lifting equipment, all while ensuring it remains as safe and productive as possible, without necessarily budgeting for a new hoist or crane as a replacement.

At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, we offer lifting equipment refurbishment services as well as major inspections for your equipment, helping you to get more out of your existing cranes and lifting equipment, rather than having to resort to replacement. Our highly experienced Engineers and Service Technicians are more than capable of diagnosing, providing recommendations, potentially upgrading and refreshing your lifting equipment in order to adapt it to Australian Standards and possibly changing requirements. If you’re considering crane or hoist replacements, speak with our team today to find out if crane refurbishment and major or end of life inspections could be a better alternate solution. We also offer new cranes and hoists in the event that your existing lifting equipment is not suitable or cost effective for refurbishment/upgrade.

Maximise Productivity without Necessarily Buying a New Crane or Hoist

Whether your crane or hoist is approaching the end of its designed life or if you’re intending to move to a new work site, or you need to reorganise your current layout, Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment can be called on for a range of crane refurbishment, inspection and relocation services that help get the job done in a safe, efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. We can perform a wide range of refurbishments, including hoist replacements, gantry rail extensions, and increased WLL enhancements (once this is determined by our in-house Engineering team).

We can also determine whether your lifting equipment requires any structural, mechanical or electrical repair work to reduce safety risks and minimise issues that might be causing unnecessary disruption to your operations. Our engineering inspection services are carried out by experienced Service Technicians and overseen by qualified Engineers, who can recommend any repairs or improvements required in order to improve safety and efficiency. No matter what make or model of lifting equipment you operate, our crane refurbishments can bring them up to Australian Standards and keep your site operating safely and efficiently.

Enquire About Lifting Equipment Refurbishment Today

Are you interested in looking at the option of refurbishing your existing cranes and lifting equipment? There are many benefits that can be gained from crane refurbishment, potentially helping to save your business time and money. Get in touch with Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment to arrange an obligation-free discussion about the merits and cost of lifting equipment refurbishment vs replacement. Give us a call on one of the numbers below or contact us on-line to speak with our experts.