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Tough Built Girder Trolleys for Safer Transport of Goods

Safety is important in any workplace, especially when it comes to moving heavy loads from one spot to another. At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, we stock GIS girder trolleys to help make heavy loads simpler and safer to transport from one location to another. A heavy-duty, highly reliable girder trolley is an essential piece of equipment in any industrial workplace environment, making them an ideal choice if you’re looking for a durable crane trolley to handle heavy loads.

Quality Girder Trolley Features to Make Your Life Easier

Regardless of what application you need a trolley crane for, you can rely on the team at Redfern Flinn to provide a high-quality option that delivers the best performance. Also known as an I beam crane or trolley hoist, our GIS girder trolley range comes in a selection of sizes, each capable of lifting a specific maximum load capacity. Choose from a push operated manual or gear powered lifting beam trolley; the former is better suited to moving loads up to 2 tonne, while the geared trolley crane is designed to accommodate the needs of heavier loads beyond the 2 tonne benchmark. To ensure total quality, all girder lifter products are strenuously tested before sale.

Maintenance and Servicing

If you’re in need of professional maintenance and servicing for your lifting and materials handling equipment in Melbourne, Sydney or Newcastle, contact the team at Redfern Flinn. From 24/7 emergency breakdown repairs through to comprehensive equipment inspections, we have you covered when it comes to all aspects of maintenance and servicing for your crane trolley, lifting beam trolley or other equipment.

By employing Redfern Flinn to perform regular maintenance on your materials handling equipment, you can achieve maximum production uptime and plant availability, as well as reducing the frequency of breakdowns that can result in costly downtime. This can save you money and increase productivity, as well as making your workplace safer for your employees to work in. If any of your materials handling equipment is experiencing mechanical or structural issues, you can rest assured our expert technicians will find the problems and address them before they develop into severe problems.

In addition to performing servicing work, we can also provide you with a thorough report in order to aid you in deciding what to do to make sure your girder lifter equipment complies with stringent Australian Standards.

Call Us for More Information

Ordering an I beam crane or trolley hoist for your manufacturing facility or a crane trolley for your warehouse from Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment couldn’t be easier. For further information on our GIS girder trolley range, please contact us online or call one of the phone numbers below.