jib crane

Engineered Products

Finding the right material handling solution depends upon:

  • The load you want to lift;
  • How high you want to move it;
  • Where you want to move the load to; and
  • The environment and location of your operations.

Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment has the experience and capability to assist your company with all your lifting and moving equipment needs.

Industrial Crane Design:

Whether you are designing a large Overhead Travelling Crane or a simple workstation jib, we will come to your site, understand your lifting and moving requirements, timing and budget, as well as any site restrictions; and then design a lifting solution for you.


Industrial Crane Manufacturing & Supply:

Once a design solution has been agreed upon, we can have our own fabrication facility in Melbourne build your solution, meeting both your timeframe and budget requirements.

Lifting attachments:

Redfern Flinn has considerable experience designing, manufacturing and installing many different types of lifting attachments. From handling parts on and off assembly lines, to 40 tonne magnets, we can design a material handling solution to meet your specific needs.

Industrial Crane Installation:

Upon completion of the crane, we can provide installation on-site to ensure that the final product is installed correctly, tested and is fully operational in accordance with Australian Standards.

Engineering & Manufacturing:

When standard lifting and moving equipment is unable to meet your specific production and operating needs, our experienced engineering staff are able to design specialised lifting equipment for many applications.


We have experience with automation, semi automation and hydraulics, pneumatics, vacuum, mechanical and electrical lifting equipment. All manufacturing and installation is carried out by experienced and qualified personnel who are members of their appropriate unions for access to union sites.

Since 1977, Redfern Flinn has been engineering specialised lifting solutions for our customers. Utilising our experience we are able to design tailored lifting solutions that fits your needs whether that be an unusual or complex process to lift and move an item, a difficult or tight environment or a specific item to be lifted. All lifting solutions are designed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.


We have designed, manufactured and installed a wide range of specialised solutions including:

a) telescoping and cathead crane systems;
b) low headroom cranes;
c) bridge cranes for clean room environments;
d) IP65 hoisting solutions; and
e) Tailored vacuum lifting solutions

We also have significant experience in designing and manufacturing special lifting attachments. Designed to attach to your hoist, crane or vacuum lifting solution these attachments are specifically tailored to your lifting requirements and include:


a) bulk bag lifters, including low headroom versions;
b) spreader beams;
c) coil lifters; and
d) below the hook lifting attachments.

In addition, through our Industrial Crane Training division, we can develop and deliver tailored training for your operators in safely using your industrial cranes and lifting solutions, ensuring that your operators use the equipment correctly and in accordance with safe work procedures and Australian Standards. For more information or to discuss your specific needs, please contact Redfern Flinn using the contact form or by calling Sydney (02) 9756-6660, Melbourne (03) 9465 4441, Perth (08) 9472-0544, Brisbane (07) 3820-8631 or Newcastle (02) 4964-4566.