jib crane Feltes Moveable Portable Gantry Crane


If you’re looking for a portable gantry crane that can be easily moved, the Feltes Moveable Portable Gantry Crane available from Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment is well worth considering. This Moveable model has all the benefits included with the Folding model, but is moveable under load and has a horizontal adjuster included.

Each of the mobile lifting frames are fitted with 4 x swivel castors with locks. This allows the operator to manoeuvre the Feltes Moveable model in and out of very tight situations, making it suitable for a wide range of different applications across a variety of industries.

The Feltes Moveable model has a capacity up to 1,000kg for beam lengths up to 5m, a capacity of 750kg for beam lengths up to 6m, and a capacity of 500kg for beam lengths up to 7m and 8m.

Operating Manual

For all technical specifications, as well as assembly and disassembly instructions, download the Feltes Moveable Portable Gantry Crane Operating Manual. This manual contains equipment-specific application guidelines, diagrams, and detailed step by step assembly and disassembly instructions. You can also consult the operating manual for information on safety hazards, technical data and maintenance intervals.

Download Operating Manual

Servicing & Maintenance

To maintain your Feltes Moveable Portable Crane in the best possible condition, it’s important to get it serviced according to the recommended maintenance intervals. Not only will regular servicing keep your crane safe for those operating it or working around it, but it will also reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns, helping to increase productivity and save valuable time and money.

If you require servicing, maintenance or repairs for your Feltes Moveable Portable Gantry Crane or any other lifting equipment, Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment has experienced service technicians who can assist. Our service technicians are capable of servicing a wide range of lifting equipment sourced from different brands, including Feltes.

We’re available to provide servicing and maintenance for cranes in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle, as well as regional areas across Victoria and New South Wales. Our crane servicing complies with Australian Standards AS 2550.1 and AS 2550.3, giving you peace of mind knowing your lifting equipment will operate safely and efficiently.

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When you buy a Feltes Moveable Portable Gantry Crane from Redfern Flinn, you can be assured of superior German design and quality. If you would like to arrange a demonstration or just want more information about a Feltes or any other lifting solution we offer, contact us on-line or call the location nearest to you. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and provide more information on our lifting equipment solutions.