jib crane Mobile Gantry Cranes

Wide Range of Feltes Mobile Gantry Cranes for All Your Workplace Needs

When you need a mobile crane or hoisting structure that is simple to move from place to place and easy to assemble and disassemble on any worksite, the range of portable lifting cranes from Feltes is sure to meet your requirements. Available from Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, the Feltes Mobile Gantry Crane range is available in two different options – folding and moveable – that provide the flexibility, user-friendliness and weight bearing capabilities that you need in your workplace. Choose from the options of:

  • Folding Feltes Mobile gantry crane
  • Static Feltes gantry crane

The advanced German design combined with superior manufacture has resulted in a portable gantry crane range of the highest quality. Increase productivity and improve workplace safety today by ordering them for your worksite.

Accessories to Help You Get the Most from Your Mobile Gantry Cranes

Use your mobile gantry crane to its full potential with the many accessories that are available for the Feltes portable gantry crane range. Standard features include horizontal and vertical adjusters, which enable you to alter the length of the beam and/or the height of the vertical support column – useful in situations where space is restricted. Optional accessories for our portable lifting cranes include wall brackets (for mounting one side of the crane) and under carriage kits for easier mobility.

Every mobile crane is designed, built and installed to comply with strict Australian standards. For more information on any of our Feltes Mobile gantry crane products, or to request an on-site demonstration, feel free to contact us online or call the number nearest to you from the list below.