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GIS Crane Systems

At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, we’re proud to offer GIS cranes that can fulfil your lifting needs.

There are number of key advantages of using GIS KB crane systems when light workstation cranes are required. These benefits include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Lifts and moves up to 1,500kg, quickly and quietly with minimal effort;
  • Easy to install, with all components being fixed with fasteners and clamps;
  • Perfectly complements the GIS electric chain hoist.

A Flexible Choice

As GIS cranes are modular, they can easily be extended or relocated as your business grows, providing a flexible solution to your changing lifting and moving requirements.

The GIS KB crane system can be designed in the following ways:

  • As a monorail with bends, switches and turntables, enabling you to link workstations and easily lift and move your load throughout your production area
  • As a single bridge crane for transporting your loads over wide areas where headroom is not a problem
  • As a double bridge crane, which is used for longer spans and heavier loads, but also where headroom is a problem

To discuss the GIS crane options Redfern Flinn has available for assisting with your lifting requirements, use our contact form or call Sydney (02) 9756-6660, Melbourne (03) 9465 4441 or Newcastle (02) 4964-4566.