jib crane


BBridge Crane

Related terms : Overhead Travelling Crane

Definition : A type of industrial crane with one or more hoisting mechanisms and one or more bridge beams, that are mounted at each end to an end carriage, enabling it to travel along elevated runways.

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BGantry Cranee

Related terms : Aluminum Gantry Crane

Definition : An industrial crane which has one or more bridge beams mounted at each end by legs mounted onto end carriages; and is capable of travelling on supported surfaces, whether they are fixed or not.

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Related terms : Electric Chain Hoist,Wire Rope Hoist, Air Hoist

Definition : Industrial lifting equipment intended for raising or lowering a load, without slewing, subject to its rated capacity.

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BIndustrial Crane

Related terms : Overhead Travelling Crane, Jib Crane, Monorail

Definition : Industrial lifting equipment which is used by trained operators to raise and lower a load and move it horizontally.

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BVacuum Lifting Equipment

Related terms : Palamatic Vacuum Tube Lifters

Definition : A cost effective solution where the vacuum lifting attachment attaches to a hoist or crane, and is designed to safely lift sacks, bags, boxes, sheets of glass, MDF, steel etc

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