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Efficiently Designed Hoists for All Your Industrial Needs

A lifting hoist is an essential part of any crane or lifting equipment and is used to lift or lower heavy, oversized or irregularly shaped loads. They are used in a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, mining and the utilities sector. Hoists are typically characterised by two key attributes; the lifting medium and the power type. Lifting medium refers to what the hoist is made of, whether it is wire rope or chain; while power type describes how the hoist is operated, for example, you can have hydraulic, air driven or electric chain hoists (electric being the most common). Redfern Flinn offers a wide selection of electric chain hoists, air hoists and wire rope hoists, and lifting attachments for your hoist lifting equipment.

Choosing the Right Hoist

It can often be difficult to select the right type of hoist equipment to suit your particular needs. Here are some important points to consider when it comes to looking at hoists for your factory or workplace:

  • Potential load capacity and frequency of lift – What do you imagine the weight of the heaviest item you’ll need to lift or lower will be? How often will you be lifting loads? Make sure the lifting hoist you choose can manage that capacity and frequency, with a little left over to spare.
  • Lift – In addition to determining how much you want to lift, you also need to consider where the chain hoist or wire rope hoist will hang from, and where the load to be lifted will be, in relation to the hoist.
  • Speed – How fast do you want to lift or lower your load? The variations in the speed at which electric chain hoists, cable hoists and wire rope hoists operate is something you definitely need to consider. Speed of lift has an important bearing on the number of lifts you undertake per shift, which impacts on the productivity of your operations. There’s also a need to consider the level of experience your crane operators have in safely operating your lifting equipment. In addition to supplying the right type and speed of hoist, Redfern Flinn can also assist with crane operator competency based training to improve your operators’ productivity and safety.
  • Suspension type – You’ll need to consider the ways in which hoists are suspended; typically via hook mount or lug mount.
  • Type of trolley – There are three options to choose from; plain trolley, geared trolley and motorised trolley.
  • Type of beam – Wire rope and electric chain hoists are hung on a beam. You need to choose the right beam to ensure the trolley functions as it should. Options include the I beam (also known as an H Beam or W Beam), the WF (wide flange) beam, and the patented track beam.

Servicing & Maintenance

In addition to providing a wide range of hoist lifting equipment, Redfern Flinn can also perform professional servicing and maintenance on a variety of different types of materials handling equipment in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle. From repairs and breakdowns through to inspections, we can service all models and brands of cranes, hoists and lifting attachments. For safety and efficiency, it is of the utmost importance to have regular servicing and maintenance performed on your hoist equipment.

24 Hour Breakdown Service

If you run into trouble with your lifting hoist or have an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately, Redfern Flinn has you covered with a fast and efficient 7 day a week, 24 hour a day breakdown service. After a breakdown service has been performed, one of our expert technicians will supply you with a thorough inspection maintenance report – an essential document for maintaining your lifting and moving equipment and complying with Australian Standards.

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