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At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, our Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle sales teams have the knowledge and experience to design, build, install and service all types of jib cranes, including freestanding (pillar) and wall mounted jib cranes. Robustly constructed and easy to use, our jib cranes are a cost-effective solution for safely lifting loads in localised areas in your factory or warehouse.

Our jib crane options have the capacity to support loads of up to 4 tonnes and have jib swing arm beam lengths of up to 7 metres. They are standard with 270 degree slew, with additional options including powered slew, 360 degree rotation, or articulating arms.

Different lifting device options including GIS electric chain hoists (with a manual or electric trolley), as well as vacuum lifters, manual chain blocks and spring balancers, depending upon your requirements and budget, are also available.


At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, we offer both freestanding (pillar) jib cranes and wall mounted jib cranes. The freestanding (pillar) model has the hoist mounted on a freestanding column, whilst the wall mounted jib crane design is installed on an existing pillar or wall in your factory or warehouse, making it suitable for worksites that have limited available space. Our jib cranes are suitable for safe lifting across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, packaging, transportation, utilities and mining.
Redfern Flinn designs, manufactures and services jib cranes in accordance with Australian Standards AS 1418 and AS 2550.1.

Our jib cranes are ideal for use with a GIS electric chain hoist or vacuum lifter. Our range can also be used for a variety of purposes and applications, as well as being used with a wide range of lifting attachments. These include chain hoists, manual chain blocks, vacuum lifters, and spring balancers.

Servicing and Maintenance

The best way to guarantee the safety of anyone operating your freestanding (pillar) or wall mounted jib crane is to ensure it receives regular servicing and maintenance by qualified and experienced service technicians. At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, we understand that a fully functional crane is a safe crane. That’s why we’re not just jib crane suppliers and jib crane manufacturers; we also provide our clients across NSW and Victoria with scheduled preventative maintenance and servicing, as well as 24/7 emergency breakdown support. Whether you need a regular service and inspection or require assistance for an industrial crane that has broken down, you can rely on our service and maintenance teams to promptly attend your worksite and carry out any necessary repairs.

Our trusted and reliable service teams remain committed to improving employee safety, increasing productivity in your workplace and reducing operational downtime through service and maintenance of your lifting equipment. Beginning all service work on your crane with a comprehensive inspection, every step we take is designed to improve employee safety, increase efficiency and preserve the life of your equipment.

What Types of Jib Cranes Does Redfern Flinn Offer?

Redfern Flinn can design and manufacture custom made wall mounted or freestanding (pillar) jibs, and the type of jib depends upon your requirements, budget and factory layout. Our custom jib cranes can be under or over-braced, and designed for indoor or outdoor use.

  • We offer 180º for wall mounted jibs, 270º for freestanding jibs, full 360º rotation, and articulating options.
  • Our jib cranes can be painted, powder-coated or galvanised, depending upon your requirements.
  • We can supply GIS electric chain hoists, along with vacuum lifters, spring balancers or manual chain blocks, if a lifting device is also required.
  • Going forward, we can also support your business with ongoing preventative maintenance and regular servicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you design and manufacture to Australian Standards?

Yes, we do. Our in-house engineering team designs your jib to Australian Standards AS 1418 and AS 2550.1.

Do you manufacture in Australia?

Yes, we have in-house engineering and we manufacture your jib at our Melbourne fabrication facility, and ship Australia wide.

How long will it take to get my jib?

Once you have approved your General Arrangement (GA) drawing, materials will be ordered and fabrication scheduled. Generally, your jib will be installed 4-6 weeks after you approve your GA.

Can I install my own jib?

Yes, we offer the option to supply only or install your Redfern Flinn designed jib, depending upon your requirements and location. If Redfern Flinn is managing the install, we load test and commission your jib, and ensure it is working perfectly.

Can I get my jib serviced by Redfern Flinn?

Yes, we offer regular service & maintenance to ensure your jib is working safely and efficiently. We have experienced and licensed electricians and fitters who can service your lifting equipment as per Australian Standards AS 2550.1.

Can you train my team to safely operate my new jib?

Yes, we can. Redfern Flinn offers crane operator competency training which is designed to ensure your operators understand and complete the pre-operational checks that are required, as well as how to safely use your lifting equipment, thus minimising the risk of incidents and near misses occurring.

What if I want to modify or move my jib down the track, can Redfern Flinn assist?

Yes, we can. We have in-house engineering who can provide advice, and we also have experienced service technicians who can assist with any relocation or removal request.

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