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Jib Cranes for all your Lifting Applications

At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, our team of professionals have the knowledge and experience to design, build, install and service all types of jib cranes in Australia, including pillar mounted and wall mounted jib crane options. Robustly constructed and easy to use, our slewing jib cranes for sale are a lower-cost solution for lifting loads in localised areas in your factory or warehouse.

Our available models can support loads of up to 2 tonne and have jib swing arm crane lengths of up to 7 metres. They are standard with 270 degree slew, with additional options including powered slew, 360 degree rotation, or articulating arms.


At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, we offer both pillar mounted free standing jib cranes and wall mounted jib cranes for sale. The pillar mounted model has the jib hoist mounted on a freestanding column, whilst the wall mounted model is installed on an existing pillar or wall, making it suitable for worksites that have limited space available.

Our jib cranes are ideal for use with a GIS electric chain hoist. In addition, our range can be used for a variety of purposes and applications, as well as being used with a wide range of lifting attachments. These include chain hoists, chain blocks, and spring balancers. Depending on your needs, we also have portable, travelling and articulating models for sale.

Servicing and Maintenance

The best way to guarantee the safety of anyone who operates your wall mounted or free standing jib crane is to ensure it is regularly serviced and maintained by qualified and experienced technicians. At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, we understand that a fully functional crane is a safe crane, which is why we provide clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle with scheduled pre-emptive maintenance and servicing as well as 24/7 emergency breakdown servicing. Whether you need a regular service and inspection or require assistance for a crane that’s broken down, you can rely on our team to attend your worksite promptly and carry out repairs if necessary.

Our trusted and reliable servicing team remain committed to improving employee safety across Australia, increasing productivity in the workplace and reducing operational downtime through our detailed servicing and maintenance of all lifting equipment. Beginning all service work on your crane with a comprehensive inspection (we are licensed third party inspection service providers), every step we take is designed to preserve the life of your equipment. All work also complies with Australian Standards AS2550.1 and AS2550.3.

Whether you’re in charge of a major development worksite or you use a swing arm crane on your agricultural property, discover how we can help you with your maintenance and servicing needs.

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For more information about the flexible and easy-to-use jib cranes for sale at Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, or to enquire about price, fill out our online contact form to receive a prompt response. Alternatively, you can call our Sydney office on (02) 9756 6600, our Melbourne office on (03) 9465 4441, or our Newcastle office on (02) 4964 4566. Our team will be happy to chat to you to determine your requirements and provide more information about our available models and maintenance services in Australia.