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Articulating Jib Crane

Choose an Articulating Jib Crane for a Broad Range of Applications

Depending on the operational requirements of your factory or warehouse, a lifting jib crane that possesses a wider range of movement may be necessary for increased efficiency and to access places that traditional lifting jib cranes are incapable of reaching. At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment, our team of professionals can supply and install high-quality articulated jib cranes that can lift loads around corners and reach into or under other machinery.

A Versatile Lifting Solution

Featuring 360-degree rotation at each pivot point as well as circular coverage area, Redfern Flinn’s articulating jib crane can navigate obstructions and doorways, while handling materials with greater care than many other types of jib cranes. A versatile choice of lifting equipment, Redfern Flinn’s articulating jib cranes boast capacities of up to 250kg, spans up to 2.6m, and are capable of being used with GIS electric chain hoists.

Redfern Flinn has more than 35 years of experience and is also a member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association in Australia (LEEA), ensuring our competency has been independently and stringently audited.

Jib Crane - Portable Articulating Clean Room

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