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Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

Floor space in your factory or warehouse can disappear quickly when you start setting up a range of different machinery. This can make the environment cumbersome for your employees to work in and can even lead to potential safety hazards. Fortunately, the team at Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment can supply wall mounted jib cranes that free up floor space and allow you to transport small loads over short distances with ease.

Our wall mounted jib cranes are simple and inexpensive to install on load-bearing concrete walls and pillars. They also reduce the risk of injury, due to no complicated alignment work being required.

If you’re interested in improving safety and efficiency, our wall mounted jib cranes offer an excellent solution.

For more than 35 years, Redfern has manufactured cost-effective and high quality lifting equipment such as wall mounted jib cranes that are tailored to your specific financial and operational requirements.

Jib Crane - Metal work, Wall Mounted

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