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Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment designs and manufactures a wide range of lifting equipment, from custom lifting attachments to jibs and large overhead cranes.

An overhead crane (also known as a bridge crane or overhead travelling crane) is used to lift and move large and heavy items in a production area or warehouse. Overhead cranes safely lift objects using a chain hoist or wire rope and can move horizontally on a rail or pair of rails fitted under a beam within your warehouse or factory. Depending upon the load to be lifted, the hoist recommended is either a Swiss designed and manufactured GIS electric chain hoist or a Spanish designed and manufactured GH wire rope hoist. Both hoists are renowned for their quality and reliability.

All overhead crane components can be controlled either with pendants or remote controls, providing a versatile lifting solution. Roving pendant controls are also available.

Redfern Flinn can design and manufacture your overhead crane bridge, as well as the structure – both rails and runways. We can provide you with overhead cranes that are designed by our in-house engineering team according to Australian Standards AS 1418 and AS 2550.1.

If you’re considering a new overhead crane for your factory or warehouse, speak with the specialists at Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment in Sydney, Melbourne or Newcastle. We can assist with the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of overhead bridge cranes, plus we also offer extensive overhead crane maintenance, servicing and repairs to keep all your lifting equipment operating safely and optimally. Let us show you how a Redfern Flinn designed overhead crane can help make your operations safer and more efficient.

How Overhead Cranes Can Improve Business Productivity

With the customised design of a Redfern Flinn lifting solution, an overhead crane can improve the productivity and safety of your operations, whilst reducing the requirement for other lifting solutions such as forklifts. As a result, an overhead crane is a much more efficient and economical solution for operations employing regular lifting of heavy objects within your workspace.

As experienced overhead crane manufacturers, Redfern Flinn can provide advice as well as examples of recent projects to help meet your lifting requirements. Simply discuss your needs with us and we’ll work with you to deliver the most appropriate lifting solution depending upon your factory layout, budget and timetable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Overhead Crane

There are many factors to consider when you’re looking for an overhead crane. Whether it’s one of Redfern Flinn’s specially designed overhead bridge cranes or a second hand crane that you may be considering, you need to take into account:

  • Working load – What is the maximum load to be lifted and moved? This impacts the design of your structure to support the lift.
  • Working area – Where in your factory or warehouse do you want to pick up and move loads? Is there adequate space available given other machinery and equipment?
  • Support structure – Do you have a support structure available, or where can supports be added? The key considerations here are the layout of your factory or warehouse, along with the structural strength of the building, roof and floor.
  • Type and frequency of lifts – What is being lifted, how is it being lifted, and how frequently is it being lifted? This has a significant impact on the design of the crane and impacts how the crane operates, as well as the frequency of maintenance required.
  • Data logging – Do you require this? Data logging records the use of the crane including loads lifted, number of lifts and hours of operation. Recording this information provides benefits in preventative maintenance, especially with regard to major inspections of overhead cranes as required by Australian Standards AS 2550.1 2011.
  • Environment – Will the warehouse crane be operating indoors or outdoors? What is the temperature range? Is it being used in a hazardous or corrosive environment? Are there clean room requirements? The team at Redfern Flinn can provide advice based on your specific requirements.
  • Height of lift – Understanding the headroom height is a key consideration, and this is determined by knowing the load being lifted, the maximum available space for the bridge crane in your factory or warehouse, and the structural requirements of the facility.
  • Speed of operation required – Do you require single speed or variable speed? Speed of operation can be regulated for all directions of the crane, including lifting speed, cross travel and long travel.
  • Your budget and when you need your new crane installed – Depending upon your budget and when you need your new crane installed, an overhead crane may not be the most optimal solution for your business. Redfern Flinn can assist by designing and manufacturing other lifting solutions, including jib cranes, monorails and workstation cranes, as well as steel gantry cranes, which may be a more cost-effective and faster option for you to consider.

Servicing and Maintenance of Your Overhead Crane

To guarantee that your overhead bridge crane remains safe and fully functional, it is imperative that it undergoes regular servicing to maintain its prime working condition. The experienced service technicians at Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment conduct scheduled maintenance, servicing and repairs of all makes and models of overhead cranes throughout NSW and Victoria. We also provide emergency breakdown support for your lifting equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We take a preventative approach to overhead crane servicing and maintenance, conducting a thorough preliminary assessment of all your lifting equipment in order to pre-emptively identify any potential problems before they occur. We also ensure all overhead crane maintenance and servicing complies with manufacturer recommendations, as well as Australian Standards AS 2550.1 and AS 2550.3.

In addition to helping maintain employee safety, the advantages of keeping machinery well maintained include increased productivity and reduced downtime costs as a result of faulty equipment.

Whichever brand of overhead crane you have on site, you can rely on our experienced service team to preserve its life and quality of performance. Give us a call today on one of the numbers below to find out more.