Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes

When you need to ground or stack large storage containers or cargo holders, you need a hoisting solution that is going to be suitable for the task. A standard folding gantry crane that might only have a load capacity of 1500kg is unlikely to get the job done. In this instance, rubber tyre gantry cranes are your safest and most effective option and are available for hire or purchase from Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment. With their superior reliability and performance as well as high-quality design and manufacture, our rubber tyre gantry cranes provide you with the enhanced safety and efficiency benefits your worksite needs from a crane.

Features that Enable You to Get the Most from Your Crane

Rubber tyre gantry cranes come with a wealth of features that are intended to make your work easier, smarter, quicker and safer. Choose from 8 or 16 wheel models. Manufactured from steel for the ultimate in durability and toughness, our rubber tyre gantry cranes are fully electric and free of hydraulics which means less maintenance and higher reliability. External power supply in addition to the power source via the on-board diesel generator gives you added flexibility when you need it most, while variable travel speeds up to 135 metres per minute enable you to regulate the pace at which heavy loads are moved and thus control workplace safety as well.

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