jib crane


Cranes and other forms of industrial lifting equipment are high-risk equipment, as large human controlled loads are being moved in close proximity to personnel and other equipment.

Regular maintenance, as well as crane operator competency training play a key role in ensuring your employees’ safety and competence, and to help mitigate the risks associated with operating industrial cranes and other forms of lifting equipment, like jacking systems.

At Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment we can assist your business. Firstly by undertaking regular servicing and maintenance of your lifting equipment ensuring it’s safe to operate and is working efficiently, as it was designed to be. Secondly, we can train your employees who operate your industrial cranes (on your behalf), so that they have an an improved understanding of industrial crane operation (including pre-operational checks and maintenance, using Safe Work Method Statements); and they know how to safely lift and move loads not exceeding the WLL, thus reducing the likelihood of near misses, lost time injuries and damage to equipment and parts.

In terms of our safety processes, Redfern Flinn has its own Safety Management System, which includes our Safety Management Plan. This plan explains how we work safely at our customers’ sites and our own sites.

For all jobs, Redfern Flinn Service Technicians complete a risk assessment in the form of a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). Where a risk assessment has been completed previously, a ‘Take 5’ is conducted prior to the commencement of works. Hazard identification is done in consultation with employees.

Contact us in Sydney on (02) 9756 6660, Newcastle on (02) 4964 4566, Melbourne on (03) 9465 4441 today for a discussion about how Redfern Flinn can assist your business with regular servicing of your lifting equipment, as well as crane operator competency training.