Crane Operator Training

Crane Operator Competency Training & Work Safety

Since 2008, Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment has provided crane operator competency training for many of our business customers across Australia seeking to maintain a safe working environment for their employees. Our crane training services assist employers in ensuring their employees who operate their industrial cranes and hoisting equipment, are competent and work safely.

If a business has industrial lifting equipment that is 10T and below, and with 3 or fewer powered controls, its crane operators do not need to be licensed, but they must be competent so they can safely use the company’s lifting equipment.

Our Crane Operator Training for Competency Requirements Provides Employees With:

1) An improved understanding of industrial crane operation in the workplace using Standard Operating Procedures for:

2) Improved operating uptime and overall decision making around the company’s industrial lifting equipment

3) The ability to identify safe and unsafe work practices

4) The ability to safely lift and move loads not exceeding WLL, thus reducing the likelihood of the following occurring when industrial lifting equipment is being operated:

  • Near misses (e.g. dropped items with no injury)
  • Lost time injuries
  • Damage to equipment and parts.

Why Competency Training is Essential

Crane operator competency training is designed to help employers train their employees who operate industrial cranes and lifting equipment to perform work in a manner that is safe and without risks to health.

Our 3 hour practical on-site crane operator competency training is a mix of theory, group discussion and practical demonstration. Our facilitators cover the pre-operational checks required before crane operators safely operate a crane, and reinforce the need for consistently undertaking safe lifting techniques.

The expected outcomes of our crane training services are:

  • More competent and confident operations teams who have a greater working knowledge of industrial crane safety, usage and maintenance
  • A reduction in lost time through injury and down time, thus improving employee well-being and productivity
  • Team members being able to more effectively identify potential hoist/crane failures before a breakdown occurs.

How Redfern Flinn Can Help Your Business

Redfern Flinn develops and facilitates crane operator competency training workshops for new operators, in addition to providing workshops that meet refresher training requirements for more experienced operators, where key safety messages and safe lifting techniques are reinforced.

At the conclusion of each crane operator competency training workshop, every operator participant demonstrates safe lifting using a standard load and then completes a quiz based on the workshop content covered.

Please note the workshop is not accredited and does not cover any situations that require crane operators to make rigging or dogging decisions.   

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For more information about crane operator competency training or to book a workshop, please call our Sydney, Melbourne or Newcastle sales teams so we can discuss your specific objectives and workshop requirements.

Once a pre-workshop checklist is completed and the training proposal accepted, we will develop a crane operator competency workshop that is specifically designed for your crane operators.

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