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Servicing GEDA hoists

Efficient Service Provider for Maintaining and Repairing your GEDA Hoists

This is the first GEDA hoist we serviced in Melbourne. It was purchased by our client 7 years ago, but unfortunately had never been serviced and as a result required extensive repairs.

The message – it’s important for Redfern Flinn to be your local GEDA lift service partner, and for Redfern Flinn to be regularly inspecting and maintaining all your lifting equipment and construction hoists, including GEDA hoists.

For more than 85 years, GEDA Germany has been designing and manufacturing building and construction hoists. Their products are designed for safety and quality, and a number of their hoists are now being used on building sites across Australia.

Why Choose Redfern Flinn for GEDA Hoist Maintenance & Repair?

Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment is an approved GEDA service provider in Australia. One of Redfern Flinn’s experienced Service Technicians recently attended GEDA installation and service training at GEDA Germany. So if you have GEDA hoists that need servicing, you now have a service partner in Australia who can assist by maintaining your GEDA hoist and ensuring it’s safe for continued use.

The photo shows a GEDA boiler hoist that was purchased 7 years ago by a customer located in regional Victoria. This hoist required servicing. It was brought to Redfern Flinn’s factory in Thomastown and was installed to a wall in our factory for subsequent testing, servicing and hoist maintenance.

Like the other quality European products that Redfern Flinn is known for, Redfern Flinn is proud to be your local GEDA service partner. Contact Redfern Flinn to regularly inspect and maintain all your lifting equipment, including GEDA lift hoists. Ph: (03) 9465 4441 or email sales@redfernflinn.com.au for assistance.