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Regular Crane Servicing

Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment knows the importance of your lifting equipment working safely and efficiently. We design, manufacture, install, relocate, provide preventative maintenance, service, repair, attend breakdowns and conduct major and third party inspections for all types and brands of industrial cranes across all industries – 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. Our crane servicing includes overhead cranes and jib cranes, as well as electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists and air hoists, lifting attachments, vehicle hoists, and vacuum lifters. No matter what type of industrial crane needs servicing, you can rely on our team to provide prompt assistance.

In addition to industrial crane and hoist servicing, Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment can undertake routine inspections and maintenance of your vehicle hoists and vehicle jacks, as well as conduct annual inspections and major mechanical and structural inspections for assessing the suitability of continued safe operation of your vehicle hoists and jacks.

A Comprehensive Crane Service

Our Service Division provides a preventative maintenance programme for all your lifting equipment, taking into account your cranes’ usage, environment, manufacturers’ requirements and Australian Standards. We will maintain your lifting equipment in line with current Work, Health and Safety regulations and also provide a complete asset register for all your “below the hook” lifting equipment, including slings, chains and shackles.

With a team of mobile A Grade electrical service technicians and qualified fitters, we are able to provide a comprehensive regular and emergency service, inspection and 24-hour emergency breakdown service over all types of industrial lifting equipment, including:

  • Cranes – Overhead/Monorail/Jib/Workstation and Gantry
  • Wire Rope, Electric Chain and Air Hoists – Electric/pneumatic/hydraulic
  • Vacuum Lifters – Tube lifters, sheet lifters
  • Vehicle Hoists – 2 post/4 post car hoists, bus and track jacking systems
  • Train/Tram Lifting Systems – Underground/mobile, bogie transfer systems
  • Lifting Slings – Soft/wire rope & chain
  • Lifting Beams & Attachments – Commercial and special build
  • Automation & Pneumatics – Manual/Automatic & PLC based

What Cranes Can We Service?

The Redfern Flinn service teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle service all makes of industrial lifting equipment, including GIS, Hasemer, Redfern Flinn, GH Cranes, Austin, Demag, Kone, Abus, Hitachi, Millsom, JDN Monocrane, Kito, Eilbeck and Stahl. We provide regular crane servicing, preventative maintenance and major inspection services to customers across NSW and Victoria. Our customers range in size from large corporates who have hundreds of items of lifting equipment to customers with one hoist and crane. Regardless of the number of cranes that need servicing, all Redfern Flinn customers receive the highest level of attention and proactive service from trained, knowledgeable and qualified service technicians.

Why Organise Crane Servicing?

The Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment team believes that regular industrial crane and hoist servicing is critical for increasing employee safety and wellbeing, as well as improving productivity and keeping your production and maintenance costs down. By having your lifting equipment regularly serviced by Redfern Flinn, downtime can be minimised. Regular crane servicing can identify minor faults before they become major faults, helping to minimise major downtime and improve employee safety and productivity.

Our Services

The Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment team has extensive experience in conducting major inspections. This inspection assesses the suitability of your hoists for continued safe operation. We also offer a 7-day a week, 24 hour breakdown service for all makes and models of hoists and industrial cranes, including jib cranes, overhead cranes, workstation cranes, vehicle hoists and vehicle jacks.

In addition to regular crane servicing and inspections, we offer a refurbishment service on all makes and models of lifting equipment, bringing them up to Australian Standards. Our service technicians have fully equipped vehicles, allowing them to carry stock of common use items in the event of breakdown. We’re completely focused on getting your lifting equipment back up and running in the shortest possible timeframe, often then and there without the need for additional call-outs, so production downtime is minimised. We’re also committed to using OEM spare parts.

On completion of any service/breakdown call, you will be provided with a comprehensive Inspection Maintenance Report, which is essential for maintaining your lifting equipment in accordance with Australian Standards.

Redfern Flinn’s 24 hour Breakdown Service number in Sydney is (02) 9756-6660, Melbourne (03) 9465 4441 or Newcastle (02) 4964-4566.

Spare Parts

As one of the largest and most experienced crane and hoist companies in NSW and Victoria, we distribute a number of high-quality products such as GIS electric chain hoists, trolleys & KB crane systems, GH Cranes wire rope hoists and crane kits, Palamatic vacuum lifting equipment, Feltes portable gantry cranes and GEDA building and construction hoists, so we stock an extensive range of spare parts for all the makes and models we sell. This ensures that when you need a part, we can supply it.

Contact Our Team Today to Learn More

For more information, or to arrange regular crane servicing or inspection, use the on-line contact form on this page or call Redfern Flinn today in Sydney (02) 9756-6660, Melbourne (03) 9465 4441 or Newcastle (02) 4964-4566. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.