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Hand Winches

Hand winches are used to move materials, vertically or horizontally, for applications across a range of industries. Operated manually by hand crank, they can handle loads of up to 3.2 metric tonnes.

There are 2 key factors that need to be considered to ensure you select the hand winch that’s appropriate for your specific needs:

  • Maximum load capacity. It’s important to make sure you select the right winch to accommodate your lifting requirements; and
  • Size of the gear ratio, based on the size of your load.

To assist with supplying a winch based on your specific lifting requirements, contact us online or call Redfern Flinn today on:

Servicing & Maintenance

Our technicians offer servicing and maintenance to ensure the hand winches and other lifting equipment at your facility is performing at its best, helping to minimise the chance of future breakdowns. Our services in this area include:

  • Preventative Maintenance – Preventative maintenance services are available on either a 3-monthly (routine) or 12-monthly (periodic) basis
  • Inspections – Including 3rd party inspections, major inspections, and end-of-life inspections
  • Breakdowns – We offer a 24-hour emergency breakdown service to help minimise downtime
  • Repairs – Our service technicians are on call 24/7 to repair all types of lifting equipment
  • Crane Operator Training – We can ensure your employees are using equipment safely and competently
  • Provision of Spare Parts – We have genuine, high-quality parts available to help extend the lifecycle of your lifting equipment