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GIS Cranes

If you require a tailored lifting equipment solution for your factory or warehouse, GIS cranes might be the answer. Extremely modular and versatile, GIS cranes possess a number of manual and motorised systems (including electric chain hoists, cross travel drive, long travel drive, and more) that can enhance your lifting capabilities.

GIS cranes are also available in a variety of designs, including monorails for easy lifting and movement, single bridge cranes for transporting over wide areas, and double bridge cranes for heavier loads where headroom is an issue. Whatever your needs are, the highly experienced and LEEA accredited experts at Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment can supply excellent lifting equipment solutions.

Advantages of GIS Cranes

On top of improving the safety and productivity of your operations, there are several benefits and advantages of using GIS cranes. These include:

  • Modular – They can be extended or relocated as required
  • Flexible – They can be used in accordance with your changing lifting and moving requirements
  • Easy installation – All components are fixed with clamps and fasteners
  • Productivity – They require minimal effort to quickly and quietly lift and move up to 1,500 kilograms
  • Cost-effective – They eliminate the need for other lifting equipment such as forklifts

Discuss Options with Us Today

If you’re interested in designing, manufacturing and installing GIS cranes for your factory or warehouse, get in touch with Redfern Flinn to discuss options that will accommodate your lifting requirements. Contact us online today.